Special early VIP Entrance to the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica with Exclusive access to a Secret Room

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This exclusive early bird Vatican tour offers you a a unique opportunity to enter the Vatican Museums before the official morning opening time to the general public and it includes the special privilege of accessing and visiting a Secret Room of the Vatican.

While the general public waits in line outside, we'll start our early bird private tour of the Vatican Museums, admiring the Belvedere Terrace overviewing Michelangelo's imposing Dome and the Vatican Gardens; we will then experience a level of tranquility rarely (if ever) seen of the beautiful Pinecone Courtyard, alongside one of the Vatican Museums' most beautiful works of modern art, together with ancient statues and decoration displayed around the courtyard.
We will then enter the Vatican Palaces to see all the best of the Vatican collection.


The Round Room, the Pine-cone courtyard, the Candelabras Gallery, The Chariot Room, the Tapestries Gallery, Simonetti Staircase, the Room of Muses, the Maps Gallery, the Octagonal Bramante Courtyard, the Greek Cross Room, the Royal Staircase and the Sistine Chapel.
With a special pass we'll enter the Secret Room of the Cabinet of the Masks, designed by Michelangelo Simonetti.
This will also allow you to see the 1900 years old mosaic from Hadrian's Villa, the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the Three Graces, the Colonna Venus and the Sedes Stercoria, which is linked to the legend of a female pope in the middle ages, Pope Juan.

The last stop of the day is St. Peter's Basilica, where we'll use a special access door to skip yet another line. Here you will be amazed by Michelangelo's famous Pietà and his dome, by Bernini's bronze baldachin, Canova works of arta mong other masterpieces and religious sights. We will end at St. Peter's Square to view the head quarters of the Pope and the amazing Bernini's Colonnades.

Meeting location: We can meet just at the opposite side of the street from the Museum's Entrance, just outside the "Cafè Vaticano" at Viale Vaticano 1n. 100 (the only café facing the white marble gate with the writing "Musei Vaticani"), and it's at the corner with a staircase going down, there is a path walk from there toward the entrance of the museums and a taxi station as well. It is extremely easy to find it, however, once booked I will attach a map of the location and pictures of the spot via email to make it even easier.
End location: St. Peter's Square
Duration: 4 hours
Transportation: Walking
What's included:

Exclusive Early Entrance before the opening time to the general public;
Special Skip the lines access to the Vatican Museums and St.Peter's Basilica;
Admission tickets to the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel;
VIP Access to the Cabinet of the Mask, closed to the general visitors;
Private Guided Tour of 4 hours;
All Reservation fees.

What's extra:

lectronic headsets so you can always hear your guide for parties over 5 persons.

Activity level: Moderate
Tour Type: City, Cultural
Kid Friendly: YES
Kid Friendly Information: Yes. Vatican for the kids is an amazing place to visit, but its enjoyment can be diminished by 30,000 visitors always shoulder to shoulder, with loud hum of random conversations in crowds. Wandering the empty Vatican Palaces is a more intimate experience for the kids and adults alike: the quiet, relaxed atmosphere is perfect for taking all of that beauty in. There are no distractions. It's not often you can share with your kids a limited edition memory as a souvenir of a lifetime.
Wheelchairs Friendly: YES