From Civitavecchia harbour or different location

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Explore a real city with streets and tumulus tombs arranged like houses with entrance corridors, rooms with frescoes like the Tomb of Rilievi decorated with plaster reliefs of mythological figures.

Stop to discover the silent and beautiful Village and Castle of Santa Severa which occupies the area of the ancient site of Pyrgi, the Etruscan harbour town. The first establishment was modified until it assumed the actual aspect that represents a real medieval village with its castle on the water-front.

On the way back to the ship, you'll be struck by the landscape: large vineyards, tufa hills, Mediterranean trees and the Thyrrenian Sea


We'll enter the necropolis of Cerveteri which shows in a funerary context the same town planning and architectural schemes used in an ancient city. We will explore the most important typologies of tombs from the IX to the II century B. C. which constitute a unique and exceptional testimony to the ancient Etruscan civilization - the largest ancient necropolis in the Mediterranean area.

We'll walk along several streets to enter some of the hundreds of tombs, with huge tumuli up to 30m/99ft in diameter, tomb chambers hewn from the rock in the form of dwelling-houses, often with several rooms, with frescoes and plaster reliefs like the Tomb of Reliefs.

We'll then proceed to the village and castle which includes a small medieval burgh with a 9th century castle facing the sea, and built on the ancient Etruscan port.

After a stroll through the picturesque courtyards of the village and around the elegant castle, built on Etruscan port the tour will end back to your hotel or cruise ship.

Meeting location: At civitavecchia harbour, at the shuttle-bus terminal.under your cruise or different location.
End location: You will be met and taken back at the cruise terminal where your cruise ship docks. Possibility to be left in different location under request.
Duration: 5 hours 30 min. (Timing might vary according to the traffic. If requested to accomodate your ship docking times the tour could be shorter up 1 hour 30 minutes shorter.)
Transportation: Private chauffeured car or Minivan
What's included:

- Entrance tickets to the Etruscan Archeological Site.
- Professional Guide through-out the tour
- Private car with driver from and back the ship
- Port Permit and visa;
- Highway Toll and fuel

Activity level: Minimal
Tour Type: Cultural, Hiking & Walking, Shore Excursion, Youth and Family
Kid Friendly: YES
Kid Friendly Information: City of Dead people, a Castle, a Medieval village to discover, the Sea front, all elements that might be a perfect theme for your kids to enjoy.
Wheelchairs Friendly: YES
Wheelchairs friendly information: Please advice in time in order to book in time an electrical vehicle (Rental fee not included in the price).